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'Our Thoughts Are With You' Sympathy Gift Box
'Our Thoughts Are With You' Sympathy Gift Box
'Our Thoughts Are With You' Sympathy Gift Box

'Our Thoughts Are With You' Sympathy Gift Box

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Let your recipient know you are thinking of them during their difficult time with a sympathy gift box.

Box Contents:

  • Stay Strong, Find Your Peace Book

Full of warmth, candour and hard-hitting truths, Stay Strong provides the support you need to climb out of the emotional trenches

  • Pacific Natural Abalone Shell

A unique and true treasure is this beautiful Abalone Shell. Use to rest your burning smudge in or as a decorative piece to hold your jewellery or as a statement piece.

  • Large White Sage Smudge Stick

A beautiful and calming smudge sage stick for home cleansing.  To "smudge" is to purify with smoke from sacred herbs, sage being one of the most common. Burn the sage and allow the smoke to fall over your home, garden or person being cleansed. This helps rid the space or person of any negativity or undesired energy.

  • Blanc Noir Melbourne, ‘In Loving Memory’ Candle in Sheer Lily & Rose

Made in Melbourne, Blanc Noir candles are hand poured, made with natural quality soy wax. With a beautiful ‘On loving memory’ text. 160 grams of beautiful Sheer Lily & Rose scent burning for many hours.

  • Luna Soap, Be Calm Roll on Blend

A comforting and soothing blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils. As it only takes moments to apply to start feeling the benefits of the oils as they uplift the senses but also to calm and sooth your emotions to help relieve tension. Our Be Calm Blend is perfect for when you are on the go. It is so compact and suits any size bag so you may take with you wherever you go throughout your day.

  • Rinaldi, Almond with Blue Gum Honey Soft Nougat

 Regionality of the Italian food tradition is about using the best of what is locally available. When the Rinaldi family came to Australia, we found exceptional quality honey and nuts that we could see would make some of the best nougat in the world. The traditional ingredients are Honey, Nuts and Egg White.  You should always be able to taste the honey and the honey should always give the nougat a sticky texture – regardless of if the nougat is in a soft or harder style. The nuts should always taste freshly roasted and clean. They also provide the vital crunch that makes the mouthfeel a delight. The egg white should give the nougat an elegant smooth and silky texture – never putty like. Even in a brittle/hard style, your nougat should have an elegant texture. We do not use glucose syrup or invert sugar syrup, as we believe that these are not traditional ingredients for quality nougat, and they contribute nothing to the flavour

  • Complimentary Greeting Card to add your own special message
  • Luxury Gift Box with The Gift Co. Ribbon - with personalisation option, to forever cherish as a keepsake box. Box Measurements approx. 340W x 260L x 90D

*Food Allergy Warning* - Items may contain or may have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, wheat or dairy products. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

*Please note- Colours or items may slightly vary depending on availability. Box includes only the items listed in 'Box Contents'. Other items pictured are purely for display purposes.